Managing your Team’s Page

Welcome team managers!

I will be adding more to this page soon.

Our new season software allows us to give certain permissions to team managers, such as adding staff, school logo, photos, social media, team website, editing your team colors, etc., and updating your own general information.

First, let’s start with what NOT to do with your team’s page.

Most of these options should be turned off, but some aren’t able to be, so we are asking you to NOT do the following:

  • Do not change your team name, short name, or abbreviation.  If any of these need to be changed, contact Jim Lord at
  • Do not add any scheduled games
  • Do not update scores
  • Do not add your roster here. We may look at adding this next year but for now, we’re going to walk before we run.
  • Do not add any photos, copy, etc. that do not show your institution or STUNT in a positive light.
  • Do not change anything in the league/season/home venue categories.
Here’s what you can do with your team’s page.
  • Add your staff (head coach, assistant coaches, athletic trainers, and any other “staff”)
  • Change your page colors.
  • Update your logo – note that this should only be an official logo approved by your school, and should be a type that works best in a “square”.  Logos that include words that make an image wide and short will get “shrunk” down to where it doesn’t look good. If you have any questions, contact Jim Lord at
  • Add a team photo and text copy in the box under the team name. This will show as your “Profile” on your team page.
  • Add your social accounts. Some of these are used in different places on the site and others we are working on integrating. You will see how to add them on the right hand column. These should ideally be a STUNT-specific account and not a “cheer only” account.  If you do not have one, you may want to use your athletics department’s accounts.
  • Add a link to your team’s website. IMPORTANT!!! Do not check the “redirect” button or it will automatically send clicks on your team name to your site. We want our site team page to be visible, as it will have upcoming games, etc. on it in a standard format. A “Link” tab will show up where people can click to go to your team’s official page.